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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 21, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning, america. and new this morning, on that dramatic grade school shooting. the 20-year-old shooter planning making news in america this morning, tragedy averted. a gunman armed with an assault rifle walks into an elementary school and comes face-to-face with a very brave school clerk. >> he had a look on him that he was willing to kill. as a matter of fact, he said it. >> new details this morning on the investigation and the suspect. developing overnight, a wildfire raging out of control, jumps a highway at a national park. dramatic, new video from the scene. also, a dynamic duo. the unlikely pair of a quick-thinking plumber and dr. oz save a life of a young woman who was in a serious accident. drama queen dog. this morning, a canine with a clever way to avoid a bath.
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good morning, everyone. we begin with new details in the shooting at an atlanta area elementary school. michael brandon hill is in custody after surrendering to police. >> the police don't have a motive. but the 20-year-old apparently had stopped taking his medication. >> there's the school clerk who managed to talk hill into laying down his weapon and ammunition, most likely saving many young lives. we begin our coverage with abc's kristin fisher. >> reporter: 20-year-old michael brandon hill is in police custody this morning. but his motive for terrorizing this atlanta elementary school may never be understood. even his own brother is at a loss. >> i couldn't tell you what his mindset was when he went up in there. i honestly can tell you he has a long history of medical disorders and everything. going to -- including bipolar. >> reporter: timothy hill says his brother has a troubled past. he was arrested earlier this
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year for alleged terrorist threats and acts and sentenced to probation and anger management. and yesterday, he alledgedly threatened to kill everyone at the ronald mcnair learning academy. >> he said, i'm not playing. this is for real. this is not for show. >> reporter: armed with an assault rifle, he slipped into the school and barricaded himself inside the front office. as he opened fire on the police officers outside, school clerk, antoinette tuff tried to talk him down. >> he was going to end his life and take all the cops and everybody with him. he had a look that he was willing to kill. matter of fact, he said it. he said he didn't have any reason to live. and that, he knew he was going to die today. >> reporter: she single-handedly talked him into surrendering, as teachers rushed the children out of the school. >> i give it all to god. i'm not the hero. i was terrified. >> reporter: tears of joy that no one was hurt. >> everybody's safe. everybody's safe. >> reporter: investigators are
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now looking into how hill got into the school to begin with. police believe he likely followed someone in through the front door. but he never made it past the main office. kristin fisher, abc news, washington. >> and you heard antoinette tuff say she's not a hero. but she came face-to-face with a potential killer and managed to keep her cool. >> tuff says she saw a young man who needed to know that he was loved. here's more of our interview with our atlanta station. >> when he first came in, he said, this is not a joke. and he told the teacher to go let everybody know this is not a joke. he had a look on him that he was willing to kill. matter of fact, he said it. he actually tried to go out the door where the kids was. and i called him back and kept talking to him to keep him calm to stay inside with me. i knew that if he got outside, he was going to start shooting the kids. he had already shot around up in the office with me. and had been outside, shooting at the police. so, i knew if he got outside, he was unstable enough to start shooting at everybody.
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>> now, tuff says she began sharing her own story with the young man, telling him how she just lost her husband of 33 years and how she felt that no one loved her. that's when he began to open up and reveal he had not taken his medication. >> what an amazing woman. stay with abc news, for the very latest on the school shooting. we'll have live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." now, to those wildfires burning out of control in the west. 50 fires across 9 western straits are straining national firefighting resources. the rim fire on the outskirts of yosemite national park has grown to 15-square miles. it's already destroyed two homes and five out buildings. meanwhile, that massive beaver creek wildfire in idaho has grown to some 160-square miles, forced the evacuation of 1,200 homes and cost nearly $12 million so far. it's also forced fire officials to raise the national wildfire
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preparedness level to level five for the first time in five years. police in missouri have a suspect in custody for the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl. search efforts have been stepped up for adriaunna horton. she was last seen monday with family and friends at a local park. one witness told police they saw horton get into a pickup truck. the suspect in custody is identified as bobby bourne jr. >> it's not like it was when we grew up. and i grew up. we've got new people coming in here all the time. you don't even know who they are, where they're from. and what upsets me the most is, she knew this fella. she played with this guy's kids. >> bourne is reportedly a former neighbor of the missing girl's family. at one point, worked with her father. we're learning new details about the kidnapping of southern california teenager, hannah anderson. police say the kidnapper used a timer to set fire to his san diego area home where the girl's mother and brother were found dead. they say james dimaggio and anderson were spotted on surveillance camera 20 hours before that house went up in flames.
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overseas, now. a developing story from egypt. authorities have arrested two more islamist figures. one was a hard-line cleric trying to flee the country across the libyan border. the other was a spokesman for the muslim brotherhood leaving for italy. abc's martha raddatz spoke earlier to the egyptian prime minister about the government crackdown. >> no country will allow to have a people taking to the streets. >> but they were killed for doing that. >> we didn't provoke it. we asked them to go freely. we started by throwing only teargas. and they answered back by firing. >> the white house is considering whether to temporarily cut military aid to egypt, following the government crackdown. emotional testimony at the sentencing hearing of army sergeant robert bales who has pled guilty to killing 16 afghan civilians. a farmer shot during that massacre, cursed bales before breaking down and pleading with the prosecutor not to ask anymore questions. another man testified that his young son who was shot still wakes up with nightmares.
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a jury is deciding whether bales should ever have a chance at parole. a former army private will find out later this morning how much time he'll serve in an army prison for leaking classified information. bradley manning facing up to 90 years in prison for handing over reams of information to wikileaks, including video of a deadly helicopter attack in baghdad. manning was convicted last month of 20 counts, including 6 espionage violations and computer fraud. formal charges are now on the books against three teenagers in oklahoma for the murder of a college baseball player. 15-year-old james edwards jr. and chancy luna are charged with first-degree murder. they will be tried as adults for the shooting death of 22-year-old christopher lane. a 17-year-old is being charged as an accessory to murder. and police say they shot and killed lane, quote, for the fun of it. the boston red sox pitcher who beaned alex rodriguez of the yankees over the weekend, he's been suspended by major league baseball.
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ryan dempster hit a-rod on sunday night. it sparked a wild argument by yankees manager, joe girardi. he was suspended five games and fined 2,500 bucks. girardi fined 5,000 bucks. checking today's weather from across the nation now. there will be more rain, just what they don't need across the southeast and parts of the ohio valley. some severe storms in the midwest and northern plains. thunder rolls across the rockies and the southwest. and there will be some showers in the northwest. >> it will be 81 degrees in seattle. and 90 in portland. 83 in atlanta. 88 in new york. triple digits in dallas and phoenix. the safest ride ever. what new car is so sturdy that it broke the test machine? and wrong place at the wrong time. a woman gets injured in a very serious accident. thankfully for her, a celebrity doctor was not far away. also, call it the kate effect. something in this royal portrait kicked off a frenzy at stores all around the world.
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and welcome back. mortgage rates continue to climb, generally on positive domestic economic news. zillow mortgage marketplace reports that the benchmark, 30-year fixed rate mortgage is averaging 4.52%. new numbers out today from the national association of realtors are expected to show that home sales were up in july. meantime, the news hasn't been positive this week on wall street. the dow dropped for the fifth-straight day tuesday. at the start of the month, the dow hit an all-time high. now, it is down 4% from its peak. a new electric car generating quite a buzz over its perfect safety record. tesla says its model s has
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earned the highest crash test rating ever tested by federal regulators. believe it or not, the car's roof was so strong, it broke the test machine. and sony will release its new playstation 4 on november 15th. the price tag on the game console will be $399. the company says it's already sold more than 1 million ps-4s during a presale. there will be over 30 games available to play on it before the end of the holiday season. and attention, ladies. and david beckham is out with a brand-new ad campaign. the now-retired soccer star is in a locker room, modeling boxers, briefs and some other clothing. it's all part of a new promotional campaign for beckham's fall collection at retailer h&m. >> do you approve? >> i approve. >> thumbs up from diana. >> wow. >> typical. all right. when we come back, like father, like daughter. the unbelievable story of a baby born in a parking lot. and the dad with a similar story many years ago. and they did it again. the guys make another wild pool
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clearer skin is possible. ♪ blue moon welcome back, everyone. there it is. a live look at the so-called blue moon that appeared overnight. even though it didn't any bluer than usual. >> doesn't look so blue. a live picture from our cameras at wabc tv in new york. blue moons are the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month. they're also defined as the third full moon of four in any season. the last time this happened was just under a year ago. the next time will be july 2015. >> still trying to figure out why they call it a blue moon. it's not like it happens once in a blue moon. >> where does the color blue come from? >> i don't know. mysterious questions. no answers yet. now, for a look at the road conditions. you can expect more wet pavement across the southeast and along the gulf coast. storms, particularly later in
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the day, will cause a little bit of trouble for the midwest. >> and after hearing that, you won't be surprised to see that airport delays are possible in atlanta, charlotte, chicago and minneapolis. here in new york, a tourist from london barely escaped with her life from a grisly traffic accident. this happened near rockefeller center. and a celebrity doctor is credited with helping to save her life. >> the young woman was standing with a group of pedestrians when an out-of-control cab jumped the curb. >> and this cab pinned her, severed one of her legs. bystanders rushed to her help, including dr. oz from his nearby studio. a plumber trained in first aid used his belt as a tourniquet. witnesses say they put the severed leg on ice to keep it there for the hospital. >> we put the bottom part of the one leg that was completely off -- we put that in an ice bucket from one of the food vendors. >> 23-year-old sian green underwent emergency surgery to
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save that leg. in the meantime, no criminal charges were filed. the cab driver was issued summonses for traffic violations. a mother and her brand-new daughter in illinois are getting to know each other after the little one made quite an entry into the world. hannah grace marie pavlik was born last saturday. she was ten days early. and her mom was just ten minutes from the nearest hospital. so, she had to give birth right in the parking lot of a gas station. hannah's dad tells us the strangest part of the story. >> it's just unbelievable that we got -- on my birthday, she was born in a parking lot, just like her old man. >> you heard it right. frank pavlik was also born in a parking lot at a nearby mall. they even have the newspaper articles to prove it. mom, dad, hannah and her two big brothers are all doing just fine. >> that' one cute baby. >> yes, she is. late game home run helps the dodgers get another win. >> they just keep on winning. here's our friends at espn with details. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" studios here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. he's neil everett. and he's hitting leadoff. >> yeah.
4:18 am
we're in the starting lineup. yasiel puig wasn't. he was benched for the dodgers game in miami. would they need him? it didn't look like they would. l.a. was up 4-1. but jeff mathis on an 0-2 pitch in the bottom of the sixth, drives home the game-tying run. so, don mattingly later in the inning, made a double-switch. brought in yasiel puig. and the first pitch he saw after coming off the bench, boom, boom, out go the lights. dodgers are 50-20, since calling that kid up. they win this game, 6-4. >> he's unbelievable. red sox and giants. you see the spread. red sox, trying to hold off the rays in the a.l. east. bottom eighth. giants trail 2-1. marco scutaro, the tying run on third. one out. buster posey with a fly ball. shane victorino, makes the grab. scutaro would tag and score on posey's sacrifice fly. so, the giants tie it. we go to the ninth, bases loaded for the giants. two outs. brayan villarreal, just in from detroit.
4:19 am
first pitch for the red sox. walks scutaro on four pitches. that's not going to play well in the hub. scutaro's walkoff walk wins it for the giants, 3-2. >> tight race in the a.l. east. >> even-steven, on top right now. >> ask odd todd what he thinks about that. >> all right, guys. thanks. overseas, duchess of cambridge kate middleton just can't seem to avoid setting trends no matter what she wears. >> it's her maternity dress that everybody is trying to copy. she was wearing this fusia dress by seraphine, in the latest family photo with prince william and prince george. but the dress retails for 79 bucks and has now sold out. it did so within hours of the release of this photo. and i read somewhere that there was a waiting period to get your hands on one of those. >> and only 79 bucks. >> i love her even more. >> yeah. coming up next, we have "the pulse." and the reunion of '90s band is getting a whole lot of fans really excited. >> and including diana. if i knew what the band was, i might be excited. i'll find out. breaking his silence. simon cowell talks about becoming a father for the first
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if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ i wanna see you out that door baby, bye, bye, bye ♪ no, i don't know that song, diana. >> before we came on, i asked him, anything? nothing. it's time to check "the pulse." these are stories i think you'll be talking about today. we're starting with a rare 'n sync reunion. >> yeah. we knew justin timberlake was going to be receiving the michael jackson vanguard award at this sunday's video music awards. >> now, according to sources inside mtv, that he will be joined by his 'n sync buddies.
4:23 am
joey fatone, chris kirkpatrick, lance boss and j.c. chasez for a performance. >> but this is not for an extended performance. >> that's okay. simon cowell is breaking his silence about impending fatherhood. the famously grumpy "x factor" judge is telling the bbc, quote, things are changing in my life right now, adding, i'm proud to be a dad. >> good for you, simon. this is cowell's first confirmation that he is having a baby with new york socialite lauren silverman. he says silverman is a, quote, very special girl. and while he hadn't thought of fatherhood before, now that he knows, he feels good about it. >> all right. good for him. >> absolutely. fun video here that anyone with a pet, particularly a dog, that resists to being cleaned can appreciate this one. this dog does not want a bath. >> he goes all out to avoid the soap and the water. he's playing dead, if you haven't been able to tell. he's not being cooperative at all. being dragged across the floor, a dead weight. >> your son's going to do that
4:24 am
soon. eventually, he gets up and runs around the room a little bit. enough to make anybody wonder, if this is what it's like getting him washed up, what's it like getting him dried off, right? cool dog. >> poor thing. finally, number three in a series of videos we've seen throughout the summer. it is their most elaborate one yet. that's why it's our "play of the day." >> here they go again. the jam bros. they've been making up elaborate pool dunks for weeks now. but we've never seen one with a trampoline before. a guy in the rollerblades is back. and someone in an ape suit. >> and what's up with the gorilla? >> for the first time, we have someone wearing a camera, giving us a unique point of view of the entire action. there it comes. he's going right into the water. >> cameraman went into the water, too. >> yes, he did. >> that's elaborate. >> yes, it is. we counted, is it 12 guys altogether. 15 seconds. two, three, four -- >> does the gorilla count as a guy? i don't know. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> nine. >> ten. >> 11, 12, 13.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 >> good morning, welcome to wednesday. >> first up, a check on the weather forecast. mike, the red-flag warning has been extended? >> good news and not so good news. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. but we have a change coming as far as looking at the fire warning or high fire danger continuing as we head through at least the evening hours. here you go: areas in red through the north bay, red flag wanting until 3:00 tomorrow morning, and if you wonder about today's temperatures they are running cooler than yesterday with a lot of cloud cover and the sea breeze is back.
4:29 am
it is mostly across the north bay. leyla gulen? >> we start off on a good note with no crashes. you can see it is all green with no slowing. we have construction projects in the east bay eastbound highway 4 from willow pass to bailey road we have four lanes lasting until noon today. along the westbound direction from pittsburg to bay point you are in good shape and top speed as we go outside taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza that is clear with just a few cars from the east bay to san francisco. >> san francisco city college students are calling on the mayor to support the fight to keep the accreditation. protesters marches on city 458 but ran into trouble when they refused to leave.
4:30 am
matt, what happened? >> all is quiet this morning in san francisco at city hall. protesters were put in handcuffs by sheriff deputies, 20 to 30, many city college of san francisco students cited and released at 12:45 part of a group of 100 protesters rallying on the steps of city hall bethey -- bethey staged a credit in to help them keep accredit dangerous. >> it is unclear why the mayor will not meet with the students so collectively it was decided we would wait and hoping the mayor will listen to us and meet our demands but he calls the police to arrest us. >> the protesters demanded the mayor support the dropping of sappings by the accreditation committee and fired the special trustee


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